TIME & MONEY - How to spend the rest of your life




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   Martin Sage, Sonja Becker, ca. 156 Seiten


   e-Book: ISBN 978-3-9812912-1-6; EUR 22,99,-

   Kindle: ISBN 978-3-9812912-6-1; 22,99,-




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Bestseller-Autor und us-amerikanischer Erfolgs-Coach, Autor von Breaking the Success Barrier


"This fast-moving, insightful book will save you years of hard work in creating a wonderful life for yourself. Read it and apply it every day."





Klappentext des Buches


Are you really secure?

With the economy drifting and with corporations in disarray, your financial future is in peril. Here's how to secure a prosperous future by transforming your passion into a profession. Learn how to design a career path that will change your life. TIME & MONEY shows you the map that successful people use to create their fortunes. Everyone can benefit from understanding principles of innovation and entrepreneurship. This book os especially useful for the following:

  • Career design for downsized executives
  • Practice building for professionals
  • business development for corporations
  • growth strategies for craftsmen
  • start-up methods for aspiring
  • business owners
  • coaching skills that bring out the best in people

Read TIME & MONEY and open the door to an exciting career.







"Time & Money is about far more than time and money. It is a holistic and concise agenda for setting up a sound life by developing key projects and really successful enterprises."

Prof. Roland Dieterle, Prof. of Architecture and Director of Int. Masters Course in Project Management


"Ihave never before read a book that gives such a clear vision of how to bring together the puzzle of life. Time & Money is a deeply human approach to earning a living. It strikes all the essential paradoxes. More importantly, it will make you believe that you can create a succesful, joyful and good life."

Dr. Raimund Dietz, Dr. in Economics


"Read this book if you want to touch the soul of your business. The authors - Martin Sage and Sonja Becker - present a profound system for doing business in the service century."

Dr. Michael Franz, Ph.D., Business Consultant


"Sage and Becker provide coaching skills that blend advanced psychological science with profoundly intelligent business. They offer a clear blueprint on how to achieve personal happiness and economic freedom."

Dr. Urban Fietzek, M.D., Neuroscientist